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Message From Father John...

I am very cognizant of the financial pressures that many of us face due to the recent economic downturn. For many, it is a time of anxiety and worry. For the first time, many of us feel financially insecure, as we see our own "nest egg" and plans for the future suddenly become uncertain. I am confident in the long run and I am hoping the present crisis will soon pass so we can get back to the normal routines that most of us have enjoyed all our lives.

I have been reminded by the anxiety of many of our own parishioners that this is the way many people live all the time. Many of those we help in the Shepherd Foundation desperately desire the chance to have a good education for their own children but just can't afford it and have no way of obtaining it. It makes me even more proud, when I experience financial struggles, that we have been a huge support system and have helped so many people who otherwise could not afford a decent, quality education. I know many families who depend upon us for our assistance and support. I am happy and proud to be one of the agents of the Shepherd Foundation, making sure those families in Montgomery County, Prince George's County and the heart of the District of Columbia who have a real need are assisted.

Let us not allow the recent struggles take our eyes off the poor and needy. They need us more than ever, even as we cut back on certain things we have enjoyed in the past. As you cut back, please don't cut back on your care for the poor and less fortunate, particularly those who are served by the Shepherd Foundation. Your contributions and assistance make a huge difference and, dollar for dollar, I can't think of a better way to share the gifts God gives us with those less fortunate than ourselves.

Thanks for all you do for the Shepherd Foundation, and thank you on behalf of all the families we continue to support through your contributions.

Father John

Dollar for Dollar, I can't think of a better way to share the gifts God gives us with those less fortunate than ourselves.