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About The Shepherd Foundation

In 1986 a group of Washington area business men and women came together to talk and plan. They wanted to return something to their own community in gratitude for their own opportunities for success. From that desire to give, the idea of The Shepherd Foundation was born... a foundation based on the premise that the most important investment anyone can make is in the development of the children of our community.

The purpose of the Shepherd Foundation is to provide tuition assistance for families who need financial aid in order to send their children to Catholic elementary and high schools. We don't do this because the children are Catholic, but because we are Catholic, and recognize the importance of the gift of Catholic education. We work very closely with the local elementary and high schools of the Washington Archdiocese to identify deserving students--Catholic or non-Catholic--who need our help with their tuition needs.

Since inception, with a very modest goal of $50,000 annually, the Foundation has raised nearly $7 million and assisted over 9,000 students at over 50 Catholic schools in our Archdiocese. Every dollar contributed to the Foundation is returned to the student's needs and 100% of all administrative costs are absorbed by the Board members. The tremendous achievements of the Foundation are a reflection of the generosity of all the contributors and their realization that they really can and do make a difference.

View the video below to learn more about the Foundation and how we help our community.